Week #10 – 2016 CSA Season


What’s in the Box: Cherry tomatoes, heirloom and slicing tomatoes, purple glazer garlic, eggplant, summer squash or zucchini, english cucumbers, sweet yellow onions, celery, leeks, purple haze carrots, jalapeño pepper, anise hyssop.

What’s going on at the farm:  Another busy and challenging week on the farm this week as we prepare for fall while managing summers bounty and the ever present heat reminds us how important water is.  We have some more new crops coming for you in this weeks offerings including cherry tomatoes.   Our blend is tasty and diverse and includes  small and large red, orange, yellow, black, and plum cherries.  Celery has turned out amazing this year and if your not going to use it right away the best way to keep the stalks crisp is to cut it off the greens and band them together separately if you want to use them later.  They can be used to juice, or in cooking as you would parsley.  Another crop that youi may have noticed is prolific this year is our cucumbers which are always a favorite in our household.  We love them for snacks and juiced to cool down but the kids often eat them whole.   Our onions are being harvested this week and they will be sun-curing in the greenhouse so any onions you receive after this week do not need to be refrigerated once they have a dry skin.  The same goes for the garlic which is fully cured now and ready to store until next spring in a room temp place out of direct sunlight.  Our carrots this week are purple haze carrots.   Its a completely new crop for us and i’m pretty excited about these so enjoy this first time offering!   They have big strong tops which I’ve heard can be used for a delicious pesto and the bright purple skin is complemented by a bright orange interior and good flavor on these beautiful carrots!   Sweet peppers are starting to show signs of changing color so they should be coming very soon and our eggplant crop is probably the best i’ve ever had this year.   I like frying these plump fruits in slices plain or breaded in olive oil and then making burgers out of them….. They are also good grilled, roasted for baba ganoush and make a great addition to stir fries, curries, eggplant parmesan, gluten free lasagna noodles, or stuffing!  Another new crop for us this week is the Anise Hyssop which is an herb from the mint family.   It has an anise flavor which is refreshing and cooling and floral and both the leaves and the lavender flowers are edible  and can be used as garnish, brewed or mutt led for teas or beverages.  I had the honor of meeting Odessa Piper, a local food legend this last week at market. She passed down some of her favorite ideas to me for her favorite ingredient, Anise hyssop.   Here they are and maybe they will spark some inspiration in your kitchens this week for this uncommonly found yet wonderful herb.

In the Kitchen

  • Try Anise Hyssop in place of basil or mint in Asian dishes
  • Add chopped leaves to tabouli, root vegetable or lentil salads
  • Scatter buds and flowers over watermelon & crumbled feta
  • Wrap a leaf around a slice of fresh sprig or perfectly ripe pear
  • Strip flowers into dough for shortbread, scones, and pie crusts
  • Layer leaves over prosciutto spread with chévre, roll and slice
  • Scatter buds over buttered carrots, beets, pea pods or parsnips
  • Macerate a julienne of the leaves with stone fruits
  • Add to other herbs and lettuces, toss with Parmesan and berries
  • Cook chopped leaves into rhubarb or apple pie fillings
  • Crust lamb with julienne, zests, oil, mustard and bread crumbs
  • Wrap a leaf around a slice of aged cow or sheep cheese
  • Churn into a brilliant sorbet, or set with ice cream and berries
  • Use flowering sprigs as a garnish in place of mint
  • Add flowering Anise Hyssop to bouquets of wild flowers
  • After coffee, chew on a young leaf to freshen breath

We were able to accomplish harvesting all of the sweet onions this week which are curing very nicely and rapidly in this hot sunny weather.  We pounded in poles and hung trellising for the pole beans and cultivated weeds around them, the late filet beans are growing well and our winter squash is setting fruit.  Speaking of fruit we should hopefully have some very nice cantaloupes and sweet peppers coming in the next few weeks too.   more planting coming in the coming week along with the hefty task of harvesting and topping all of our summer onions once they are fully cured.  Until next week we will keep on trucking through the summer heat and hope you all enjoy the veggies!

Week #9 – 2016 CSA Season


What’s in the Box: Heirloom and slicing tomatoes (may include red, yellow, orange, black, pink, striped, yellow), leek, celery, summer squash, english cucumbers, green pepper, purple glazer garlic, eggplant, serrano chile pepper, cauliflower (purple, green white, or cheddar), and thyme.

What’s going on at the farm: Mother nature is really bringing the heat and humidity this season and this last week has been no joke working in the fields and keeping up with the harvesting and weeds.   Tomatoes are in peak season so expect a lot of them.  I don’t think I need to make to many recommendations on those but here are a few of my favorite ways to enjoy this popular crop.   Sliced thick with olive oil and balsamic and raw bits of garlic and cheese over the top. Fresh pico de gailo,  Diced tomato, cucumber, and onion salad. Tomato sandwiches with mayo lettuce and maybe cheese and of course the famous BLT!   Our garlic is all  clipped and curing this week and ready for distribution as cured garlic for the rest of the season and of course to be saved for our seed in the fall.  Remember it does not need to be refrigerated at this point so just keep it out of direct sun in a room temp place.  Now that it is all cleaned we will be ready to harvest all of our sweet onions for sun curing and we are planning on that for the coming week on Monday.   Peppers are making their way into the mix and we grow many types of sweet peppers but the pepper season starts with these early smaller bells.  Still plenty cucumbers to enjoy and I love them with the onions for refrigerator pickles.   Simply frying some zucchini and sweet onions makes a great side dish with a little of your favorite spices like cumin and garlic.  Leeks are in this week too, and they make a great addition to any veggie mix with their creamy buttery and mild taste.  Another new crop for us this season is the fresh Thyme which will complement any of your dishes with its fresh citrusy and piney flavor.   We have some other new exciting crops in right now too including our multicolored cauliflower, and dark green celery.   We will also have some nice purple haze carrots coming soon, likely next week but we may get some of them to you yet this week if we have time to get them harvested but they are just reaching maturity this week.  Until next week then, thank you all and enjoy the veggies!

Week #8 – 2016 CSA Season


What’s in the Box: Heirloom and slicing tomatoes (random selection), cauliflower (random selection of green, purple, orange, or white), green pepper, eggplant (random selection), green top sweet onion, summer squash, zucchini, mini and full size english cucumbers, green garlic, serrano chile pepper, celery, and basil.

What’s going on at the farm:  This last week we harvested all of our garlic and cleaned, bundled and set it out for curing.   Our garlic haul is beautiful this year and probably the nicest we’ve had in terms of size and overall quality.   It took 6 people 6 hours to dig out over 3,500 bulbs by lifting them individually with a shovel or fork.  We did it all through 93 degree heat which felt like over 100 with the humidity but when the veggies are ready they are ready and we only had a small window of time to complete the task.  After a couple weeks we will then clip the tops off each bulb and clean them up a bit more for storage, seed stock, and of course for your CSA shares! This will make room for the onion harvests that will be coming over the next four weeks.  We have two types of garlic.  The first is a white porcelain hard neck called german extra hardy which has a white wrapper and 4-6 large cloves making it easy to clean.   The other is a purple striped hard neck called asian tempest which is a bit spicier and has purple streaking through the outer wrapper.  Both of them store well on the counter or any room temp shady spot.  Do not refrigerate your garlic unless it is fresh dried garlic should not be refrigerated as there is no need and this could force it to sprout.  Our garlic area will soon be seeded right into salad greens and other crops for fall shares if I can find some time between harvests.   We are harvesting every day now on many crops and all that weeding we were doing the last month has made for easy picking and clean fields to work in.  Lots of exciting crops are finally yielding heavily including green peppers which i’m sure your familiar with and tomatoes which is my personal favorite.   Eggplants is in too and I love to cook slices of them fried in olive oil and seasoned with my favorite seasonings and then put it on bread with a slice of fresh tomato, melted cheese, and basil.   Plenty of cucumbers and summer squash still coming in too and these versatile veggies are great for so many dishes they are too numerous to mention.   We love the cucumbers just sliced up with salt as an easy snack but they are great for juicing, pickling, and of course sandwiches and salads.   We have a large variety of both sweet and hot peppers coming this year but The hot pepper for this week is serrano which is a medium long blunt green chile with nice flavor and medium heat.  They are versatile and great for spicing up any recipe.  Of course the heat is in the seeds on most hot peppers so you can make them more mild by carefully removing the majority or all of the seeds.  Until next week then, enjoy the veggies and we will keep on harvesting, cleaning, planting, and weeding!

Week #7 – 2016 CSA Season

DSC_0049-(1)What’s in the Box: Celery, fennel, green beans, summer squash, green garlic, zucchini, english cucumbers, green onion, chamomile, and cabbage, (bi-weekly only)

What’s going on at the farm:

Another busy week had us working hard through the weekend.  The old strawberry field clean up was completed so they should be nice and clean for next season with no weeds left to go to seed.  We continued weeding, mowing and clean up from some early crops too this week.  It sounds simple but cleaning out these fields requires many physically strenuous steps for us including; removing plastic mulch by hand which is buried in the soil.   Pulling out drip lines, and sometimes resetting long length of drip for a second crop.   Removal of posts, trellising, and hoops or row covers.  Then mowing by weedwacker to shred old crop residue and weeds up for better incorporation into the soil and to prevent the weeds from going to seed if they are close to doing so.   Finally there is the actual plowing of the field to incorporate any shredded crop residues into the soil while they are still green and valuable to the soil structure. We will be planting a lot for the fall season over the next few weeks.  This week I planted french filet beans, blue pole beans, carrots, mustard greens, and a braising mix. Cabbage is back for bi-weekly members so here are two simple ways to prepare it quickly.  The first is a grilled version I did this week by quartering it with the green stem end attached to each quarter.  Then mopping it on the grill with a marinade of soy, honey, brown mustard, garlic, chili oil, veg oil, and celery salt.  The result was a grilled  teriyaki like cabbage quarters which were perfect with brats.   I also suggest trying some homemade kraut which you can find info on here.   If that fails then there is my personal favorite which is stir fry with a whole cabbage and a bunch of green onions sautéed together with teriyaki sauce and served over rice or noodles.  Delicious.   Plenty of squash and zucchini to enjoy this week and I love them grilled and brushed with marinade too. They are perfect for pasta and perhaps even making pasta with as well for gluten sensitive people or just something new squash or zucchini noodles if you have a spiralizer are a great option.   We have some very tasty crisp celery ready for you all this week.    Try it as an addition to a stir fry, or maybe just a tasty, cool, and crunchy snack.   Our celery is much more flavorful then the store bought stuff you will find in your local coop or grocery.  We are very close to harvesting all of our garlic which we will likely be completing this week and everyone is receiving a little green garlic fresh on the stalk this week too.  Simply break the cloves out as you would on cured garlic and peel of any paper and your ready to go.   Of course I think garlic goes well with anything so i’m sure you will all have no problem with this one so enjoy the first of what will be much garlic to come.   Chamomile is our herb this week and it is wonderful for tea…. simply use a cheesecloth or other steeping devise to brew it hot or maybe a nice twist for some sun tea?  Tomatoes and green peppers are a good possibility as an addition to the box this week but we need to make sure there will be enough for all shares before we do so but our tomatoes are on the verge of pouring in so expect a lot of tomatoes coming soon!  Until next week then folks.  I’ll get back out there and finish harvesting our garlic and you enjoy the veggies!

Week #6 – 2016 CSA Season


What’s in the Box: Fennel, green beans, green cabbage, summer squash, zucchini, green onions, english cucumbers, slicing cucumber, collard greens, and parsley.

What’s going on at the farm: The season seems to always fly ahead faster then the crew can run this time of year and this year is no exception.  This means there is no time for anything except farming all day every day but that is no exception to our earlier months either.   In between all the harvesting, cleaning, packing, markets, deliveries, paperwork, weeding, and mowing this week we were able to squeeze in some more plantings over the holiday weekend including spaghetti squash, butternut squash, acorn squash, and time to plow down the open spaces.  The onions and cauliflower were weeded along with the garlic, cherry tomatoes and slicing cucumbers.   We also pruned the tomatoes and pulled weeds in both greenhouses this week.  Our tomatoes are ripening, both cherry and slicing tomatoes alike and we should have enough for shares within another week or two when they speed up a bit.    Some suggestions for the week include grilling your summer squash.   I cut them in spears or thick rings on the patty pans and brush them with olive oil and garlic powder or celery salt or barbecue seasoning.   A little soy sauce tastes pretty good on them grilled too.  we have cucumbers and onions again which would make a great cucumber salad and there are two types of cucumbers in your share now, the shorter european ones and the thicker skinned slicers which will keep better and are a denser and crisper but not as sweet with a waxier skin.   Fennel is new and unusual veggies this week which has a anise flavor that gets milder with cooking.   Fennel which can be eaten in its entirety fronds and all is great paired with the cabbage for a slaw.  i like to make a balsamic mayo sauce for it and just add salt and pepper.   We have the first green beans ready for you this week too and collar greens which are great fixed with ham or used as a wrap in place of a tortilla or bread.   Until next week, enjoy the veg and happy 4th everyone!

Week #5 – 2016 CSA Season


What’s in the Box:  Sugar snap peas, zucchini, summer squash, english cucumbers, basil,  red Russian kale, green top onions, green cabbage, carrots (bi-weekly only),

What’s going on at the farm:    Things are heating up on the farm as we head into summer.   June is an incredibly busy month and we are still trying to get out plantings in to the field which was watermelons this week.  We also transplanted up our winter squash this week to go out in the field in two weeks.  We also have started some other fall crops in the greenhouse this week and still pulling weeds like crazy by hand and cleaning up all at the summer crops and beds that are now emptied out from our early broccoli, kohlrabi, carrot, and beet crops, which are finished for now.  Our cucumbers are back this week and these mini english cucumbers are fantastic any way you slice it 🙂   They have a thin skin and are never bitter so everyone here really enjoys this variety and it is a common household snack for us in the summer.  The rest of our spring carrots will go out to bi-weekly members this week and are coming to you topped and bagged to keep their crispness.   Red Russian kale is back and is an excellent sauté green which brings a lot of nutritional value and rich dark greens flavor.  It is also good for soups, smoothies, and kale chips!   We are thinning and pulling green onions out this week too and these green top onions can be chopped and used just like scallions for your dishes, tops and all.  Zucchini and summer squash is coming in faster this week too and plenty of these early summer veggies to use for roasting, grilling, and many other dishes with this versatile veggie.   This will be our last week of spring with the sugar snap peas too as the pods and vines are slowly loosing quality this week and that crop will also be removed from the field.   To do this we have to cut thousands of feet of trellising and pull steel posts and then mow the crop before incorporating it into the soil to add the beneficial organic matter and decompose it properly.   Soon all these spaces we are working so hard to clear out will be planted into crops for fall including the winter squash, romanesco cauliflower, and napa cabbages are some of the plantings we have planned for the next two weeks.   Also fall carrots, pole beans, green beans, and summer mustard greens are on the planting schedule.   I hand weeded all of our purple carrots this week which was a 6 hour job. With all man hours added up we had over 50 hours of labor put into just pulling weeds this week.    All that hard work should result in some gorgeous peppers, tomatoes, garlic, eggplant, beans, cabbages, onions, leeks, fennel, celery, and carrots coming your way soon!  Enjoy all the early summer crops and we’ll keep busy trying to keep up with everything out here as we head into the second quarter of the CSA season and the official first week of a long and beautiful summer comes to a close.  Enjoy the veggies everyone!

Week #4 – 2016 CSA Season

DSC_0614What’s in the Box:  Golden beets with greens, carrots, seedless english cucumber, summer squash, zucchini, sugar snap peas, kohlrabi, summerand lacinato kale.

What’s going on at the farm:   My favorite item this week is a toss up between the golden beets with their sweet bulbs and rich greens and the carrots with their refreshingly crisp texture and sweet flavor. Some other favorites of mine right now include the crisp seedless english cucumbers and sugar snap peas.   The cukes are super sweet with a thin peel, no spines, and a burp-less quality.   They are awesome sliced with some salt on them as a fresh snack to cool down.  Cucumbers are actually one of the most hydrating veggies there are!  Sugar snap peas are always a favorite and need no introduction.  Kohlrabi would also be very good for a slaw shredded and mixed with other root veggies  like carrots and beets for a veggie slaw or commonly cooked and/or paired with cheese or cream and lightly spiced with salt and pepper.  Kohlrabi is going out for the last time this week and the bulbs are topped as we harvested them all late last week to clear the field for mowing and prepping for planting of winter squash, brussel sprouts, and fall cauliflower.   Heavy rains have been soaking our fields lately which i’m sure you are all aware of as the rain has been wide spread.  the good news is our soil is draining well and the crops are flourishing right along with the weeds.  It is going to take a lot of extra manpower to catch up on them this week.  We escaped the incoming summer winds and just got the rain this week without any major storms or damage this last week thankfully, although it did cause a bit of trouble with the proper ripening of our strawberries in their final week of production although we did have a decent berry season despite heavy rains and heat spikes thanks to some healthy plants.  Strawberries are near the end of their brief but sweet spotlight for all these reasons so it’s safe to say we are pretty much done with our berry crop for this season.  The sugar snap pea crop is coming in heavily now and i’m sure you will all enjoy these crisp sweet pea pods which can be eaten whole fresh and also cooked with or without stringing them.  Summer savory is our fresh herb this week and it is, like its name, a savory addition to dishes and so pairs well with savory items like beans, lentils, potatoes, and roasted vegetables, soups, dressings, etc….

Until next week, enjoy the veggies!

Week #3 – 2016 CSA Season


What’s in the Box: Strawberries, kohlrabi, chioggia beets with greens, red Russian kale, Swiss chard, radish, basil, baby zucchini or squash, broccoli (Bi-weekly only).

What’s going on at the farm:    Strawberries are here and coming in fast!  They should be in abundance for the next week but its hard to say depending on weather and a few other factors.  Our current producing plants are in their first year and we are just loaded with berries this week so expect a healthy portion in your share.  Besides having them available in shares we also have flats of berries available for those who would like to freeze some up or make jam etc…  Flats of 12 for $30 is the going rate for members.   Let us know if your interested and I can pack flats for farm pick up or pack them at the market drop sites on Tuesday or Thursday, sorry but we are not delivering flats of berries to W. Side, Janesville, or Oregon locations for now.  Our peas are flowering heavily and setting pods heavily and quickly but we wait for them to be as full and sweet as possible and they are just not quite there yet, so they should be in heavy production later this week and distributed widely for the next few weeks.  It looks like very good yields coming and if anything changes by morning and we have enough time to pick them all you may yet see them added to the list this week but likely not until next week.  These two crops alone require many hours of picking by many hands as both need to be harvested every other day and of course require many many pieces to make a harvest so they will keep us more then occupied in the coming days.  Our spring broccoli headed up well and is an item for bi-weekly members only this week with the rest of the harvest being distributed to members last week.  Broccoli is one of those crops that we only harvest once in the spring and is ready when its ready and now that space will be plowed in to open room to plant for fall crops.  Chioggia (kee-oh-ja) beets are new to some of you this week and are delicious sauteed and my favorite way, roasted.  Remember to use the greens on your beets as well.  They are very tender and tasty and should be used just like swiss chard.  I love the rich flavor when they are sautéed with olive oil and find the taste resembles spinach and chard combined.  Swiss chard and kale are also in the box this week and are fantastic sauté greens, but kale chips, and chard with lentils and feta are some of my favorites for these two crops.  Swiss chard can also be used anywhere you would use spinach substitute in the summer and therefore is great with eggs, and in pasta dishes.  Kohlrabi is short for cabbage apple and this crisp and sweet bulb is great cooked in cream and your favorite seasoning or used raw, sliced, or grated in salads or as a snack.  A little taste of summer coming in your boxes this week too with a sample of the first basil, and baby squash/zucchini.   Not too many of these summer treats yet but more coming over the summer weeks.  The weather trend was above average temps this week and it looks like some warmer weather will speed up growth for our summer crops like peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, melons, etc… and keep us sweating in the fields as we keep on working hard to bring in the harvests and control the weeds.  More tomato pruning to do this week too.  Our crop is looking great shooting up over 6 feet and setting fruit well.   Looks like a nice tomato crop starting in just a few weeks.  June is always a stormy month as warm summer winds come in so hoping for nothing severe and gentle rains as we approach summer solstice, the longest day of the year.  Other crops we have coming in soon include baby english cucumbers, squash including zucchini, patty pan, and summer, green top onions, sugar snap peas, cabbage, golden beets, collard greens, carrots, and more coming soon.  Enjoy!

Week #2 – 2016 CSA Season

DSC_0430Whats in the Box: Kohlrabi (green or purple), salad mix (all lettuce blend), romaine lettuce head, red radish, arugula, broccoli, garlic scapes, chioggia beets, strawberries.

What’s going on at the farm:  This week is a pickup week for full season members only, this means that if you are a Standard or Basic share you pick up but bi-weekly or half share members have the week off and will pick up again next week. It was another productive and tiring week of work on the farm.  So many weeds were pulled by hand around many crops including our cauliflower as well as cultivating more open spaces to kill off weeds.   All our greenhouse tomatoes were pruned and clipped for the third time this week and we will be pruning and clipping them weekly as they develop fruit this month. We delivered the first shares of the season and attended three farmers markets this last week and so the harvest and delivery season will go weekly.  The greens are loving this cool weather and there are plenty more to enjoy this week.   My favorite of these greens is arugula… crisp and spicy with a radish like flavor arugula complements sweeter items like salmon, berries, and can be mixed with your salad greens for a spicier salad.  More radishes coming your way this week and I trust I do not have to familiarize anyone with them but they are great with cultured butter and salt sautéed or used as a snack or in salad with your lettuce.  Kohlrabi is in this week!  Kohlrabi comes from the German language and means cabbage-apple and like its meaning it is crisp and sweet like an apple with a cabbage taste as well.   I like kohlrabi skinned and sliced up as a snack with salt and cheese.  It is very good with butter and cream, salt and pepper sautéed too.  It can also be grated or sliced thinly for salads.   The leaves on kohlrabi are edible but not recommended raw or with the stem.s   They could be used minced in a soup or stock but I rarely use them.   We also have romaine lettuce which has very nice outer leaves and a dense crisp center.  The outer leaves are wonderful for wraps and the center could make a fantastic wedge salad or go with the current trend i’ve seen and heard people doing which is a lightly grilled lettuce wedge salad.     Our chioggia beets are a specialty beet with rings in the root and they do not bleed like red beets.  The greens are fantastic on these and I know we have a lot of greens early but do not miss out on sautéing these rich and dark greens.  I like them lightly cooked with olive oil and garlic (use your scapes), they are so tasty and similar to chard which it is related too so prepare them as you would swiss chard or spinach. Garlic scapes are an interesting crop that only comes off a hard neck garlic in June before the plant bulbs.    I like making pesto with them but they can be used just like a clove a garlic for mincing up into your dishes and sauces/marinade.  Of course everyone is familiar with berries!   Our berries are never fumigated or treated with anything so you may find some spotting on them but that is due to moisture so please hope for some nice dry weather out there for the next two weeks while our strawberries are coming in!   I think you will find the taste of these berries is far superior to the store bought varieties so enjoy these fresh fruits promptly to avoid spoilage!   They are also best kept at a cool temp of 34 degrees.  Our crops are looking great this year and we are getting very close to harvesting some other new crops over the next couple weeks including swiss chard, zucchini, summer squash, strawberries, mini english cucumbers, broccoli, garlic scapes,  golden beets, sugar snap peas and more!  Enjoy!

Week #1 – 2016 CSA Season

RootsDown16_WEEK1What’s in the Box:   Salad mix (red and green lettuce mix of varied types), savoy spinach, easter egg radishes, rhubarb, joi-choi, butter crunch lettuce heads, red russian kale.

What’s going on at the farm:  We made it to the first week of shares so first I would like to welcome everyone back or to their first season with us!  As usual our first box of the year includes many fresh and tender greens.  Here is the run down on some of them. Red Russian kale is a purple veined kale which is very tender and balanced flavor, I had it this week sautéed lightly in butter with sliced radishes, garlic, and a salmon patty and it was awesome.   Of course kale is also a super food and rich with nutrients and vitamins your body needs.   It is generally a sauté green but also great for smoothies, juicing, and raw massaged with oil as a dark salad green.  Choi is best used as a saute green or side dish but is also good with rice or in a stir fry with onions.  Radishes  are in and go well with the salad greens but are also good sautéed.   They also store better with the tops off so remove the tops if  you will not be using them right away to keep them crisper.  The tops on the radishes are edible too and can be used as a sauté green.  Plenty of large savoy fresh crunchy spinach this week and salad mix this week as well so enjoy your salads, and maybe try some quiche or spinach pie (spanakopita).  Its only the third season for our rhubard which was grown from seed here on the farm and is ready for your crisps, pies, and other desserts.   Lastly the butter crunch lettuce heads feature a dense and blanched head in the center which is both creamy and crunchy and large outer bib leaves which can also be used along with the center for wraps or rolls.  There has been and will be a lot of weed pulling, seeding, transplanting, pruning, and trellising work going on here through the late spring and summer.  It was a cold spring this year but we have managed to stay ahead of our planting schedule and are all caught up despite the cool spring.    In May so far we have planted many tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini, celery, eggplant, leeks, collard greens, cauliflower, green beans, radishes, arugula, lettuce, beets, peppers, carrots, fennel and more.   It’s been go, go, go, every day all day and we have been working very hard.  Our fields are looking wonderful and showing the results of all this effort and it looks like a beautiful and tasty season ahead of us.  Being a small farm We do everything by hand so it takes longer to do each job than if we had mechanization but I feel we are also more efficient with space and even  more focused on quality resulting in some very tasty produce coming your way.   We are getting strawberries developing and slowly ripening so there should be a nice crop of  organic strawberries coming along very soon in June.  Some other crops coming next week or two to look forward to include kohlrabi, broccoli, lettuce heads, kale, swiss chard, beets, and garlic scapes.    Weekly box photo’s will be updated by a photographer for each newsletter every Tuesday to help you identify your produce and promote shares.  We are still taking signups too for those who have friends or family interested in signing up.  Remember Charlie’s on Main in Oregon will be serving up our CSA items fresh every Thursday evening as well for those of you who would like a fresh and tasty dinner experience and some guidance in cooking up some of these fresh greens!   I Hope everyone enjoys the first week and i’ll be seeing some of you at the drop sites.