Employment at Roots Down Community Farm

For All Positions and Prospective Employees

Working on the farm and experiencing the hard work that goes into producing good food without the use of chemicals is a great experience for everyone. It takes many hands to accomplish the wide variety of tasks on the farm so there are many opportunities for getting your hands dirty and learning about food production on a small-scale organic vegetable operation.  Opportunities range all the way from a workshare participating 4 hours a week to full-time employment.   We farm 2 acres on a very intense rotation and provide for around 100 CSA families and several weekly farmers markets.  We use small-scale tools and techniques but we also use mechanization and while working here you will learn such techniques and build your skill set on a small scale as well as with some machinery.   We grow a large variety of vegetable crops and you will learn and be responsible for all their needs from transplant through harvest and storage.   A willingness to work hard yet have fun, take direction, communicate with co-workers on tasks, and team attitude is required.  Hourly pay is based on experience and starting wages vary but start at $13-$17 Hr. and includes some free produce and access to extra produce.  We hire for full-season, summer only, and workshare positions.  You do not need experience to apply for any of our positions.  However, workers with experience are preferred and likely to start with higher pay and more responsibilities. 

All Positions require the following skill set

–  It’s essential to be in exceptionally good physical condition
–  Repetitive bending, twisting, stooping, kneeling, crawling
–  Repetitive lifting of 20 to 60 pounds
–  Possess a strong work ethic
–  Be willing and prepared to work in all weather conditions
–  Work well with a wide variety of people
–  Work cooperatively as a member of a crew
–  Be able to work independently
–  Pay attention to detail
–  Be able to multi-task
–  Listen carefully and follow directions
–  Communicate clearly
–  Be receptive to feedback
–  Arrive on time, and ready to work
–  Maintain a positive attitude
–  Always be attentive to any safety concerns and take appropriate action
–  Have a valid driver’s license
–  Have dependable transportation to the farm
–  Ability to appropriately balance speed and quality of work
–  Excellent verbal communication skills and ability to follow directions

Our positions

We hire for three positions with varying hours based on availability.

Position 1: Full Season Crew

Work from April through October directly with the farm manager and full season crew. Full season workers typically receive higher pay, more hours, and have a wider range of responsibilities. Responsibilities will include transplanting, greenhouse seeding, field seeding, mulch laying, irrigation set up and layout, trellising, pruning, thinning, harvesting, weeding, pest control, spreading of compost and fertilizers, washing, packaging, team communication and leadership skills, loading and unloading of delivery and harvest trucks, and some driving required.   Occasional assistance at market and/or with deliveries is also a possibility.  A valid drivers license is required.  Additional tasks and skills appreciated may include some occasional carpentry and metal work.  A full season worker can be either full or part time based on availability but we prefer experience and a desire for full time work for this position.  Starting pay of $13-$17 Hr based on experience.

Position 2: Summer Season Crew 

Work from late May or early June to late August.  Ideal for students and teachers alike and work is geared towards harvest, weeding, and washing of produce but may also include pruning, trellising, loading and unloading of delivery and harvest trucks, mulch and irrigation layout and removal. In general this position is normally fewer hours than a full season employee but can be full- or part-time based on availability.  Starting pay of $11-$14 Hr based on experience.

Position 3: Workshare

Work shares are very limited part-time employees of the farm who work a half day once a week in the CSA season in exchange for a CSA share, as opposed to purchasing it. Workshares will work with the full time crew and require all the same physical requirements, teamwork, and punctuality but with fewer hours and commitment than a part or full-time employee.  For more information please see our Workshare Info Sheet.

How to apply

Please submit a resume including what position you are applying for and a description of your seasonal availability related to that position with 2 work-related references to Kyle at kyle@rootsdowncommunityfarm.com. Early spring applications are encouraged but applications are accepted at any time!  We will review and contact all applicants within two weeks of receiving your application.  All positions require an on farm interview/orientation prior to hire.