Week #4 – 2013 CSA Season

Weeek #3 full share

Weeek #3 full share

What’s in the Box:  Strawberries, green or purple kohlrabi, salad mix, swiss chard, garlic scapes, summer squash, golden beets, broccoli.

What’s going on at the farm:  This last week on the farm strawberries began production.  Sugar snap peas are setting heavily and it looks like a very nice crop coming in but it may not be ready this week we will see exactly when the first harvest starts some time this week.  Tomatoes were pruned and clipped up again in both greenhouses and we pulled tons of weeds as well on our onions tomatoes and green beans.  We are weaving tomatoes as well to trellis them in the field and preparing for some summer plantings of carrots, squash, beets, and other fall crops. Our spinach and attempted arugula and radish areas were tilled in and we will be tilling in our lettuce, kohlrabi, and choi beds this week to make room for more crops.  Our broccoli is in as well and looking mighty tasty.  If you ask me there is nothing more delicious than fresh picked broccoli.   As a crop it is very nutritious but looses value rapidly on the shelf or being overcooked.  Golden beets are my favorite item this week and the greens are also very delicious sauteed in a little olive oil just like swiss chard stem and all.  In fact beets and chard are both in the same family. Garlic scapes are the flowering shoot of a hard-neck garlic plant and may be minced and used like fresh garlic.  They are also good sauteed whole or grilled whole in a foil packet. There may be some variation in the box this week as we are also close to having cucumbers along with the peas for people this week although next week is more likely.  Heavy rains have been soaking our fields lately as well and watering has been a non issue so far especially compared to last year so that is really nice too.  Thanks and happy eating everyone!

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