Week #15 – 2013 CSA Season

Week #15What’s in the Box: Cherry tomato mix(orange,red,yellow,white, black), shallots, red cabbage,  summer squash, sweet yellow onion, red torpedo onion, eggplant, leeks, red bell pepper, Italian red sweet pepper, dragons tongue beans, cayenne pepper, and cucumber.

What’s going on at the farm: We had our annual farm dinner this weekend and got to spend some time on the farm with members workers and friends enjoying some great food and company!  Thanks to everyone for coming out and contributing your time and energy to a fantastic evening on the farm!  We are getting loads of red peppers now that we had a heat wave so you’ll be seeing quite a few sweet peppers in your shares over the next few weeks.  Shallots are a new crop this week as well and they store well and have a nice rich buttery flavor.   This week will push us into the  last quarter of the season.  We will have plenty of onions, peppers, potatoes, lettuce and crispy roots coming for the end of summer into fall.  We are well into clean up work at this point too cleaning up areas that used to be filled with crops and freeing up mulch beds.  Hopefully we will be planting spinach, salad greens and radishes this week as well.   Enjoy the produce everyone!

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