Week #3 – 2014 CSA Season

Week #3What’s in the Box: Strawberries, kohlrabi (purple and/or green), garlic scapes, kale, broccoli, chioggia beets, summer squash, zucchini and/or patty pan summer squash, salad mix.

What’s going on at the farm:  This last week we are weeding all of the onions for the second time which is quite a lot, 12 100 Ft. beds to be exact.  Strawberries are ripening and are in heavy production right now! Our peas are flowering and setting pods heavily so they should both be in heavy production around next week.  These two crops alone require many hours of picking over the course of the week as both need to be harvested every other day and of course require many many pieces to make a harvest.  Garlic scapes are in this week and they are excellent used as you would garlic mincing them up or even blending them to make a delicious pesto!  Our broccoli is heading up well and an item for bi-weekly members only this week.    Chioggia (kee-oh-ja) beets are new to some of you this week and are delicious sauteed and my favorite way, roasted.  Remember to use the greens on your beets as well.  They are very tender and tasty and should be used just like swiss chard.  We were going to provide chard as our bunching green this week but opted for kale again as the beet greens are very similar to chard.  They are best sauteed in olive oil in my opinion and very good for pasta dishes as well.  The cool weather trend continued over the last week but it looks like some warmer weather will speed up growth for our summer crops like peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, melons, etc… and keep us sweating in the fields this week as we keep on working hard to bring in the harvests and control the weeds.  More tomato pruning to do this week too.  Our crop is looking great shooting up over 5 feet and setting fruit well.   Looks like a nice tomato crop coming within a few short weeks.  Looks like a stormy week of weather ahead too so hoping for nothing severe and gentle rains.  Enjoy!

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