Week #8 – 2018 CSA Season

What’s in the Box: 

Heirloom tomato, slicing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sweet yellow onions with tops, summer squash, zucchini, english cucumbers, purple haze carrots, pea shoots, curly kale, and basil.

What’s going on at the farm: 

We have quite a few new things ready for you all this week including cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, and purple haze carrots.  Our write up of these is brief this week as I have my  annual organic inspection today and we have been hustling and planted all of our winter squash yesterday and getting crops in quickly with the heat we have had lately.  Its good we were able to get all that done because we will be trying to harvest all of our garlic by next week I think and get it cleaned, bundled and set it out for curing.   After a couple weeks of curing we will then clip the tops off each bulb and clean them up a bit more for storage, seed stock, and of course for your CSA shares!     Our garlic area will then  be tilled and seeded right into cover crop and then salad greens and other crops for fall, if and when we can find some time between harvests.   We are harvesting every day now on many crops and all that weeding we were doing the last month has made for easier picking and clean fields to work in.  Lots of exciting crops are finally yielding heavily including tomatoes which are my personal favorite.   Plenty of cucumbers and summer squash still coming in too and these versatile veggies are great for so many dishes they are too numerous to mention.   We love the cucumbers just sliced up with salt as an easy snack but they are great for juicing, pickling, and of course sandwiches and salads.     Until next week then enjoy all the new crops.    Enjoy the veggies and we will keep on harvesting, cleaning, planting, and weeding. Our next few weeks of shares should include the first, eggplant, leeks, and most likely green peppers, and hot peppers coming in too!

Thank you all again and enjoy the veggies!

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