Week #8 – 2013 CSA Season

week #8

week #8

What’s in the Box: Filet beans, green sweet cabbage, summer squash, patty pan squash, and zucchini (assorted types), sage, green top onion (red or yellow), dragons tongue beans, and cucumber.

What’s going on at the farm:  This week we took down the peas and begin picking beans.  so many green beans coming in right now it takes quite a few hours to keep them picked well.  We took the trellis for the peas down, and opened new field space by mowing the crop down.  Squash and cucumbers are really pouring in now and we pulled tons of weed on our sweet peppers, herbs, hot peppers, strawberries and onions.  We harvested our garlic for curing this week and clipped and pruned both the indoor and outdoor tomatoes again.  In other exciting news we have nine new baby chicks thanks to a broody hen so it looks like the size of our chicken flock just more than doubled!  She has been diligent the last three weeks and she hatched nine out of 11 and the chicks are adorable.  It was a small household flock to begin with but we may have some extra chickens soon if anyone is looking for one or two of their own.   Back to crops, the first tomatoes are ripening!  Both cherry tomatoes and slicing tomatoes are beginning to ripen but it looks like another week or two until there is enough for everyone.  Ton’s of beans this week so we will be loading folks up with plenty of tasty beans.  This weeks cabbage is a sweet one which is very good for coleslaw.  Another favorite way to use cabbage for me is to stir fry it with onion and soy or teriyaki sauce and serve it with rice or soba noodles.  You can add pork, chicken, tofu, or whatever else you like but it is a very simple and easy to make dish which is popular.   In Japan it is called yaki-soba and made with soba or udon noodles.  We may get some green peppers in the box this week as well.  Many good peppers on the way over the next couple months too! Enjoy the food everyone!

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