Week #8 – 2012 CSA Season

What’s in the Box: cabbage(savoy), swiss chard,  green garlic, summer squash and zucchini (assorted types), basil, green top onion (yellow), green pepper, eggplant, and cucumber.

What’s going on at the farm: Whew!  That last week was killer.  Temps are back to normal this week and hopefully we don’t get another heat wave like that anytime soon.  Still no rain though as this dry trend continues.  We harvested garlic this week and now it just has to be cured properly which should be no problem with this dry weather.  Still lot’s of tomato pruning, clipping, and now pest monitoring going on.  Pulling lots of weeds as well although there always seems to be an endless supply of them.  Peppers, eggplant, and cucumber should make the box this week although all three are coming in slowly right now so don’t be too surprised if any of the above mentioned do not make the box this week.  It all depends on quantity.  Cherry tomatoes and slicing tomatoes are just starting to come in as well but it will be a week or two before they are in good supply yet.   They are looking great though and it looks like a great tomato year right now.  Savoy cabbages are best as a cooking cabbage as they are a little more fibrous than the smooth green cabbages.   For crops on the way looks like plenty of tomato, sweet peppers, eggplant, red, green, and savoy cabbage, summer onions and green beans will be coming soon as we head into mid summer.  Lot’s of mowing and plowing to do in the fields this week as we prepare to plant winter squash, fall leeks and many other fall crops  in July.

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