Week #7 – 2012 CSA Season

What’s in the Box:  Potatoes (red norland and all blue mix), cabbage(green), swiss chard,  green garlic, summer squash and zucchini (assorted types), basil, green top onion (yellow).

What’s going on at the farm:  Wow!  it was and will be hot out there.   Watching the weather for chances of rain but the weather for June and the year so far it is the driest year since 1895.   Our crops are on rotation constantly with drip irrigation but as soon as one crop is watered in another is bone dry.   Farmers across the state including us are facing major issues with no rain in sight.  Intense heat is really draining physically as well so we have to break for water more often and try not to get too drained which is a real challenge right now as well.  Hopefully we get some rain soon and a break from this heat.  Our crops need it badly and so do we.   This week there was more tomato clipping, pruning, trellising going on and we pulled lots of weeds out and got the sweet pepper field looking perfect for summer.  We will be harvesting garlic early this year hopefully Friday or Sunday. Potatoes will be dug out fresh as new potatoes.  We have two types Red Norland and All Blue, together they would make an awesome red white and blue potato salad for the holiday week.  Despite the weather we still have some good food coming your way this week.   Let’s hope we can keep it that way and everyone think rain in the meantime 🙂

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  1. Sarah Foree says:

    Thank you to the hosts of the neighborhood pick-up site on Meadow Lane. Last week it was so hot that they moved our veggies inside in order to keep them cool! Way above and beyond the call of duty, and much appreciated….

  2. My family and I are loving all the wonderful produce- even more appreciated given this challenging weather!!! Keep yourselves and the veggies hydrated- looking forward to many more weeks of deliciousness.

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