Week #6 – 2014 CSA Season

Week #6What’s in the Box:  Swiss chard, green cabbage, summer squash, patty pan squash, and/or zucchini (assorted types), green top onions, oregano, and cucumber.

What’s going on at the farm:  We started winter squash in the greenhouse this week along with some transitioning work in the fields as we move into mid summer so we are prepared for late summer and fall.  Our greens field was plowed in last week and reseeded this week with mustard greens, braising mix, rutabega, carrots, and lettuce mix.  Our sugar snap peas are done producing heavily so we removed all of them as well taking down trellising, poles, mowing the vines and weeds, and plowing the field to prepare it for mid summer planting.  We pulled tons of weeds this week as well in several fields including work on our sweet pepper field and strawberries.  Although the strawberries are done fruiting they will need more work this week to keep the weeds from taking over their space. We also got a break from weekend markets this week and next week as well.  The plan is to spend as much time as possible preparing for fall and planting as much as possible over the next four weeks.  Our tomato crop is looking great and should be on the way soon in the next week or two.  We picked the first couple ripe ones this week.  Along with tomatoes some other new crops that will be here next week or so include green filet beans, eggplant, garlic, and green peppers. Enjoy the green top onions just as you would a green scallion by chopping up the bulb and green tops. The cabbage this week is an excellent choice for summer coleslaw.  Other ideas for some summer cooking include grilling your summer squash and/or zuchinni with your favorite spices and olive oil brushed on…  mmmm…delicious. Enjoy!

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