Week #6 – 2013 CSA Season

IMG_3259What’s in the Box:  Swiss chard, basil, savoy cabbage, green garlic, sugar snap peas, summer squash and zucchini (assorted types), green onion, fennel, and cucumber.

What’s going on at the farm:  It was an incredibly rainy and wet week here on the farm.  Winter squash got started in the greenhouse along with napa cabbage, romanesco cauliflower, cauliflower, chioggia beets, golden beets and celery.  We pulled tons of weeds this week as well on over five crops and trellised and pruned tomatoes again.  The last week included over 12 inches of rain for us causing a few issues with our strawberries.  Not much we can do about being bogged down in rain except work through it like we always do.  Our tomato crop is looking great and should be on the way soon along with some other new crops like cucumbers, fennel, basil, and some extra fancy green beans including filet beans and dragon langerie beans.  cucumbers may make the box this week but our crop is right on the verge of producing and not producing heavily yet as of today.  This will likely be the last week for snap peas but we are also a few weeks away from eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and some sweet summer onions.  Until then enjoy the green top onions just as you would a green scallion by chopping up the bulb and tops.   Fennel is an interesting and tasty crop this week which can also be used tops and all.  It is an anise flavored vegetable which is used heavily in Italian cooking and the best part is the crunchy, sweet bulb.  I have a recipe on the web site for it with cabbage to make a tasty coleslaw.  Another good dressing for it is a mix of mayo and a little balsamic wisked together to make a balsamic mayo, yum! Some other good uses for the savoy cabbage include your own version of cabbage rolls.  Try it steamed to loosen the leaves for wrapping and stuff them with rice, beef, basil, shredded fennel or lentils. There are many combinations for this idea. Enjoy!

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