Week #4 – 2019 CSA Season

What’s in the Box:  Chioggia beets with greens, kohlrabi, scallions, butter crunch lettuce head, red leaf lettuce, fennel, joi-choi, sunflower shoots.

What’s going on at the farm:  

Holy cow it’s not getting any slower around here!   We planted 2,000 strawberry plants last Friday after prepping for markets and tomorrow we will be planting  thousands of sweet and hot peppers.   Pruning and clipping tomatoes, and cucumbers in the greenhouse is a weekly chore right now, and after all that rain early on we got caught up on weedwacking, mowing and cultivating in the fields.   Our garlic is looking amazing and only a few weeks away from harvest.   Besides all that our main job is harvesting, washing and packing up all the awesome produce we have literally piling up by the tons right now.  Sugar snaps are only a week or so out but until then enjoy all the amazing veggies we have coming to you this week.   I think only the kohlrabi is a repeat, everything else is new for you all this week so enjoy!

Fennel: These sweet anise flavored bulbs pack a crunch and are great in pasta dishes and veggie slaws or even roasted with other roots and fruits like the beets and squash.   The licorice flavor is less pronounced when cooked or dressed with vinegar/oil, and even the fronds and stalks are tender enough to be used for cooking.

Kohlrabi:  Sweet crunchy bulbs can be peeled and the leaves are not much use so you can snap them off for better storage.   We keep them on for simplicities sake of harvest and to showcase the full healthy plant.    I suppose they can be used for stock or garnish but I usually toss them myself.  Their bulbs however are so fruity and crisp they make an amazing slaw ingredient or can be eaten fresh or even pickled!

Chioggia beets:  These are one of my favorite veggies and are great roasted, sautéed, or sliced thinly raw.  They are extremely sweet and do not bleed like a red beet.  The greens may also be used as a sauté green.

Buttercrunch  and red leaf lettuce:  A shining star in our spring the butter crunch heads were grown outside and the red leaf inside.  This planting was staggered to extend the lettuce coming in your shares this spring.   Great for salads, sandwiches, and wraps of all kinds!  I like the outer leaves for wraps, and the inner blanched head makes an awesome wedge salad topped with kohlrabi, beets or other roots.

Scallions:  These fresh green onions are tender and not overpowering.   Use them raw in salads or cooked in stir fry with your choi.

Joi-Choi:  This choi is white stemmed and thicker stalks that are nice and watery and tender and crunchy.   They came out amazing and its probably the best choi i’ve ever grown.  This is the last time we will have choi this spring.

Sunflower shoots:  These micro greens are nutty and crunchy, i love them in salads but they can be blended in smoothies or used anywhere, even as a fresh snack.

Thats our crop list for week 4 folks, I hope you enjoy everything!  -Kyle




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