Week #4 – 2014 CSA Season

Week #4What’s in the Box:  Carrots, sugar snap peas, golden beets, summer squash, collard greens, kohlrabi, radish, and red Russian kale.

What’s going on at the farm:    Golden beets are my favorite item this week and the greens are also very delicious sauteed in a little olive oil just like swiss chard stems and all.  In fact beets and chard are both in the same family.   I am excited about the delicious spring carrot crop for you this week too!   Heavy rains have been soaking our fields lately after some strong storms passed through which i’m sure you are all aware of. We escaped without any major damage this last week thankfully although it did cause quite a bit of trouble with the proper ripening of our strawberries in their final week of production.  Berries just can’t handle intense amounts of rain while ripening, the result is many bad rotten berries so were pretty much done with our berry crop for this season.  The sugar snap peas on the other hand are pouring in so expect a healthy portion of these sweet spring sugar snaps over the next couple weeks!  They can be eaten shell and all although stringing them makes them even more tender.  Simply pull the top off and peel it back along the seam of the pea to remove the string.   It’s always stressful when the threat of severe weather like hail, tornadoes, or flat line winds are looming on the horizon.  The winds in this last storm caused some trouble with the peas knocking them off their trellising and tearing the trellis in some areas.  We spent plenty of extra time pulling them back up onto the trellising.  June is always the stormiest month of the year it seems as the warm summer fronts shift in our direction and the hot summer days ahead settle in.  Our crops and the weeds have really accelerated this week with all the heat and precipitation so we are under pressure to control all the weeds.  Tons of hand weeding was completed this week though so we are keeping up and the crops are looking great.  Our broccoli crop has finished along with some other spring crops so we will be making room in the fields this week plowing in open spaces and prepping for some fall plantings in a few weeks.  We may add green top onions, basil, zucchini, and other items to the box this week depending on weather or not we have time to prep all of them in one delivery day!   Next week we will have some other new crops coming in including cucumbers, onions, basil, cabbage and more! Until then enjoy the veggies!

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