Week #4 – 2012 CSA Season

What’s in the Box:  Broccoli, purple and green kohlrabi, lettuce mix, kale, garlic scapes, chioggia beets, and strawberry.

What’s going on at the farm:  This last week on the farm strawberries were at peak production and we were picking them daily.  Mulch beds were put in for eggplant, leeks, melons, ground cherries and tomatillo.  Tomatoes were pruned and clipped up again and more weeding to do as always.  We are ready to get the very last of the summer crops in this week so we can focus on basket weaving cherry tomatoes and pulling weeds before it’s time to plant fall crops in about three weeks.  Planted a lot of green beans this week and they germinated quickly and evenly with the heat we had this week.  Broccoli came out great this year and the heads are the largest and most colorful we’ve ever had, certainly our best broccoli crop yet.  For those who are not familiar Chioggia beets are an heirloom type with red and white rings in the beet and very tender greens which are used just like swiss chard stem and all.  In fact beets and chard are both in the same family. Kohlrabi greens are less tender and better for soups stews and juicing.   There may be some variation in the box this week if we have enough peas, cucumber, or summer squash coming in.  They may show up in the box this week.  Right now all three crops have just started to set fruit but they will all be coming soon.  Thanks and happy eating!

2 Responses to "Week #4 – 2012 CSA Season"

  1. Robert Knapp says:

    The produce has been fabulous so far, and of very high quality. The kale especially has been great. We appreciate all your efforts, and we’re looking forward to the goodies to come!!!!

  2. Cathy Fernan says:

    Thanks for including the photo of the CSA box contents. I get my chards, kales, and collards confused.
    Last week I picked up my box on Tuesday. Immediately I made kale chips (because it was a fast and easy recipe) and took them to a gathering that same night. Everyone was amazed. The flavor was a pleasant surprise. I told them all about Roots Down Farm and CSA.
    Here are links to the recipe:
    or http://www.thegraciouspantry.com/clean-eating-kale-chips/

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