Week #3 – 2012 CSA Season

What’s in the Box: Strawberry, purple kohlrabi, swiss chard, green garlic or garlic scapes, buttercrunch lettuce heads, lettuce mix, red russian kale.

What’s going on at the farm:  This last week we weeded all of the onions which was quite a lot, 7 200 Ft. beds to be exact.   Several heavy rainfalls soaked the ground and made it easier to pull weeds while making planting more difficult in the clumpy wet soil.   We hilled the potatoes which we do by hand.   Slowly we pull up the soil around each plant as the weeds are smothered under the weight of the soil.   Our heirloom tomato greenhouse crop was trellised, clipped and pruned.    As has been the pattern we picked strawberries daily as well the past week.  Broccoli is looking good and will be coming next week and the swiss chard coming this week is some of the best we’ve ever grown.  For those who have not tried it before it is basically used like spinach with the stalk and all.  Two very simple ways to use it are sauteed in a pasta dish with olive oil or with eggs and/or cheese.  The forcast for the coming week looks pretty dry so another round of transplanting will be completed over the latter part of the week.  Until then enjoy~!

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