Week #21 – 2013 CSA Season

week #21What’s in the Box: Red potatoes, red storage onions, salad mix, sweet salad turnips, green pepper, red russian kale, serrano pepper.

What’s going on at the farm:   This week concludes our 2013 growing season! Thanks to everyone for being a part of the season!  Your support and participation are appreciated and I hope you enjoyed all the veggies and fruits!  It was a pleasure growing for everyone this year and there were a lot of great crops to enjoy throughout the season.  We will be taking sign ups for next season from returning members as soon as this season is over but generally this begins in December and January.  Our website will be updated shortly for electronic sign up and that is the preferred method of sign up.  You will get an e-mail notice when the site is updated to let you know that electronic sign up is open.  Generally early sign ups are encouraged to start up again buying seeds, fertilizer, soil, equipment, etc… which happens in January through March. Before spring there will be much to do as well.  We will be planting several types of garlic over the next couple weeks.  It was a terrible garlic year this year for many farms this year due to a disease so we are starting over with new stock this fall.  Our seedling soil is shipped in early November and we will be bringing in 2 1/2 tons of it in preparation for spring.  We put electrical work into our greenhouse this year and hoping to install a gas heater over winter for starting up plants in February again!  Many other less exciting organizational projects await this winter as well getting to everything that the season did not allow us time for like greenhouse repairs, home repairs, paperwork, and of course also looking forward to getting some rest, family time, and relaxation over the cold holiday months. Enjoy the last share of the season everyone and hopefully we will see you all again for another season in 2014!  Thank you!

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