Week #20 – 2014 CSA Season

Week #20What’s in the Box: Red potatoes, red storage onion, yellow storage onion, shallot, spicy salad greens mix, beauty heart radish, and porcelain garlic.

What’s going on at the farm:  The 2014 season is nearing completion and so are the clean up projects, harvests, and plantings.  We cleaned up the sweet pepper field this week after several harder frosts stopped their growth.  We also got all our garlic shelled for planting in a few weeks for next years garlic!   We had some very, large bulbs/cloves should make for a wonderful crop next year and we are increasing our planting by over 50 percent volume this year too so hopefully a very large haul of nice bulbs next year.   Unfortunately our winter squash crop did not make it in time and was killed off by frost this week.   Better timing on that next year for sure.  We have some late spinach still on the way but it is a little small yet this week for harvest so we will be saving the lettuce mix and spinach for the last delivery week coming up.   More delicious potatoes and onions on the way as well and we are hoping our final planting of salad turnips will be ready by that last week too.  Beauty heart radishes are a new item in this week, also known as watermelon radish.  They have a light green, tan, and red skins with dark tops.   You’ll see where they get they’re name when you slice one open.   The centers are delicious, beautiful and sweet.   The skin is a little thicker then a regular radish but they don’t necessarily need to be peeled.  These last several shares a bit lighter on selection and weight then the rest of the season much like week #1 when we started light and fresh with greens and roots.  Thanks folks and until next week enjoy your veggies!

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