Week #2 – 2012 CSA Season

What’s in the Box: Strawberries, purple kohlrabi, salad/lettuce mix garlic scapes, joi-choi, radish, romaine lettuce (red and green mini), collard greens, and spinach.

What’s going on at the farm:  This last week was exceptionally challenging.  Thursday while we were packing boxes the wind was intense and relentless. Branches were breaking out of the trees around us and the new greenhouse cover came loose from the strong winds hitting it as it expanded from the heat of the day.  It was nearly ripped off the structure.  We had to stop packing boxes and get up on a 12 foot ladder with gusts around 40 miles an hour to save it.   With some hard effort it was saved and I hit the road just in time to make it to our West drop and back to market.  After such a challenging day everything else seems easy.  We started trellising up the heirloom tomatoes in the greenhouse, hauled compost, and planted more tomatoes and basil in the smaller hoop house.    We’ve been picking strawberries daily and I am happy to announce that we will have them for boxes this week.  It has been a long wait and lot’s of work but totally worth it to have our first berry crop ever.  Garlic scapes are in weeks early this year and they are delicious.  Use them as you would green onion by mincing them or try them sauteed whole on a grill or in the saute pan.  They make a great pesto and are good for dips and sauces as well.  We finally got the rain we so desperately needed here this weekend and temps climbed to record highs today as we pulled weeds from the onion beds.  Looks like things will cool down this week and there will be much to do planting eggplant and leeks that we could not get in with the rain this weekend.  Other jobs going on this week include the transplanting, seeding green beans, and okra, tomato trellising and suckering, berry picking, weeding, and of course lots of harvesting and washing of delicious veggies!

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