Week #18 – 2019 CSA Season

What’s in the Box:

Pea shoots, sunflower shoots, sweet pepper, yellow storage onion, red storage onion, garlic, jalapeño pepper, tomato, red curly kale.

What’s going on at the farm:  

Critical timing for us this week with the weather acting up.   Its hard  to get done what we need to when its pouring every day so hopefully that will all stop.   The peppers are really pouring in as well though and we have a ton of sweet peppers for you this week and out steady offerings of onions, garlic, and micro greens and more.    Our run down this week is….

Sweet peppers are pouring in with this heat and rain so we will be including a mix of all the types we can!   Enjoy these while they last because when the heat is gone they will ripen much slower.   Stuffed peppers are a great way to use up a lot of these and if you find you have excess you can chop them and freeze them to put in chili or soup in the winter.

Red curly kale, this merlot colored kale has great color and flavor although it grows rather slow we are really liking this new variety for us this year because of the color and very consistent frilly leaf structure.

Garlic i’m sure your all familiar with, remember it does not need refrigeration just room temp is great.   One of my favorite things to do with it is roast whole bulbs in the oven on low for 40 minutes or so and then spread the cloves like/with butter on bread.

Storage onions are a regular thing in our shares and so here they are again.   The base of cooking in my book, the yellow onions are getting down there so some smaller ones this week.   One nice thing about having some smaller onions around is you can use them when you just need a little onion without having to save a huge cut onion in the fridge.

Pea shoots and sunflower shoots are back again and we are doubling down on them for you to give you more of these lovely little sprouts.  They will surely make great salads with some of your peppers, and other veggies!

Jalapeno is back again this week, i made a large batch of bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers for the farm potluck so if you missed it that’s a shame and you will have to come next year!    I will do it again!

Tomatoes.   Yes we still have some!   This week will mark our eleventh week of tomatoes in shares this year.  Thats the most we’ve ever been able to distribute in one season and we may not be done yet although they are slowing quite a bit and def getting smaller.

Thanks for being a part of the farm folks!  It’s worth mentioning there are two weeks remaining after this coming one in our twenty week 2019 CSA season.   Week #19 is next week which is our last week for bi-weekly shares, and of course our final delivery for full season members the week after for week #20.  The annual farm potluck didn’t really happen yet this year so I’m thinking we will reschedule for a later date after all the business of the season has wound down a little more.    Nothing says farm to table like a potluck on the farm and a large bonfire after the dinner to celebrate the season!  Enjoy the food!

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