Week #18 – 2014 CSA Season

Week #19What’s in the Box:  Red potatoes, red storage onion, yellow storage onion, shallots, broccoli raab, tempest garlic, green pepper, easter egg radish, daikon radish, hot pepper (jalapeño, serrano, and/or hot wax pepper), and salad turnips.

What’s going on at the farm:  Beautiful fall weather this week with warm temperatures is making for some solid growth for our late crops this week.  It is getting a little late for planting this time of year and we are well on top of our clean up work so we are slowing down a bit and getting ready for the end of the season.  Our potting soil was ordered for next spring and believe it or not we are preparing for next year over the next few weeks quite a bit.  We have some great storage crops along with fresh greens and roots coming your way this week.  Potatoes are going out unwashed but they hold better in the fridge this way.  I would recommend refrigerating them but not your onions, garlic or shallots.  they are best at room temp.  I keep a nice bowl of assorted onions and garlic on my table to cook with and store the rest in a brown paper bag.   Our white salad turnips are new this week and they have excellent sweetness and are great roasted with potatoes, onions, etc… or used as a salad fixing.  They do not keep as long as traditional storage turnips but will keep several weeks if you remove the tops.   The tops are edible as well and have a sweet and slightly mustard taste to them not to far off from the raab.    Raab is back again this week but larger and fully mature with florets.   It is best as a sautee or steamed green at this larger size.  We have some fall salad mix coming soon as well as a few types of spinach and spicy salad greens sizing up well in the field this week so those will be coming soon.   Our winter squash is looking decent too and the weather looks to be staying fairly warm so we are still hoping for a crop of acorn and delicata squash soon.  To help you identify your hot peppers this week ill give you a brief description.  The jalapeño are dark green and fat chile peppers, the serrano are a slim dark green chile, and the hot wax are a light yellow carrot size pepper.  They all have a good medium to hot heat.  Until next week, enjoy the shares folks!

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