Week #18 – 2013 CSA Season

week #18What’s in the Box: Delicata winter squash, red potatoes, sage, red storage onion, yellow storage onion, spicy salad/braising greens mix,  eggplant, green bell pepper, red pepper, and jalapeno pepper.

What’s going on at the farm:  Plenty of storage crops coming your way this week including some tasty red potatoes, Cooler nights and beautiful fall temperate weather has started to come in.  These temps will make for some delicious salad greens for late in the season.  We pulled plastic mulch and drip line this week and took out the summer squash field, and all the cherry tomatoes along with the poles and twine they were trellised with and we are working on cleaning up the farm in general quite a bit right now.  Turned in plenty of crop residue this week with the new tines really proving to be much more efficient and effective for this job.  Plantings of spinach, lettuce, arugula, and some carrots for overwintering along with the spinach were seeded in our four seasons greenhouse for late fall/winter.  Also planted red spinach, white icicle radish, easter egg radish, and broccoli raab in the field this week.  Of course we are still busy with harvesting, washing and packing all the veggies and still planning on some late plantings next week in the smaller greenhouse for winter as well.  One of the harvests this week included winter squash so delicata squash are coming this week and acorn squash will be on the way next week as they need a little time to cure.  Salad greens this week are a greens mix with a little spice and the mix includes bak-choi, napa cabbage, red mustard, green mustard, tatsoi, and mizuna.   It can be used as a braising mix as well but the fine greens will cook down quickly and can be softened up by simply mixing warm rice, etc on top of the greens to soften them up without cooking all the flavor out.  Enjoy the shares folks!

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