Week #17 – 2019 CSA Season

What’s in the Box:

poblano pepper, garlic, yellow storage onion, red storage onion, sweet peppers, sunflower shoots, mustard greens, curly kale, habanero pepper, and cilantro.

What’s going on at the farm: 

The veggies are winding down and the hemp harvest is going bonkers here this week and on top of it I came down with a nasty bug last friday and am still fighting it off.   This is going out late because I could barely get off the couch the last few days but press on I must.   Luckily many friends and family came to help get the hemp harvest going this week but its going to take a lot longer then i could have ever imagined based on the sheer size of the plants.  I was also expecting it to come slightly later and not overlap CSA more then a week or two but of course when it rains it pours.   It still works out pretty nicely that all this work is coming as the veggie season is winding down here on week 17 of 20.

This week we do have some new greens and herbs for you including mustard greens and an herb I’ve been getting asked for at market all year, fresh cilantro!  It’s been so cool lately that tomatoes and things are really slowing down.  We may not have enough tomato to go around this week so I’m sad to say we are going to leave those out of the shares this week for the first time since early July.   The highlight will be peppers and plenty of them as they finally gave a good set these last few weeks.  They are our favorite at home here but also members, and market goers really love these sweet Italian beauties.  We have them in yellow and red and a few nice orange and yellow bells coming in too so there will be a mix for everyone. Our offerings this week include.

Sunflower shoots.   Crunchy, nutty, and a little bitter sometimes these micros are packed with amino acids and protein.

Habanero pepper, these fiery orange beauties pack quite a punch so be careful when using them.   I like to wear gloves and make sure to be aware of the oils that get on the knife and the cutting board too.  They would make some great homemade sauce for the fridge to drop on dishes or you could slice them up and dry them to use sparingly in dishes.

Red and yellow storage onions.  The base of many recipes everywhere I think you all know by now that onions are a common theme in our boxes too.    All the onions you will receive now are the long term storage types and will hold up to 6 months without refrigeration.

Garlic.   Keep without refrigerating and if you have a garden maybe plant a few large cloves for yourself around halloween this year.

Pablano peppers.  These chili peppers are fairly mild and good for Mexican type dishes.  My favorite thing to do with them is stuff them with beef and rice and some cheese or onion and garlic to make spicy stuffed peppers.  I take the top stem off and remove the seeds to make it mild enough that the kids even enjoy them and after stuffing them with the pre cooked filing I broil them on a low broil for 20-30 minutes.

Cilantro  This pairs well with the poblanos this week and also if you have tomatoes around still for fresh pico or tacos.  cilantro is also pretty good in curry or stir fry dishes.

Mustard Greens.  These greens are spicy but also sweet and have a tenderness that lends them well enough to be salad greens if they are cut with a little vinegar.  They can also be used sautéed or even pickled.

Sweet peppers.    Enjoy these sweet fruits while they are here as they only ripen when the temps stay up!   We will be giving out as many of these as possible to you all this week and making them the centerpiece of the weekly share.

Curly Kale .  We are keeping that curly kale flowing out of the field for ya, great for kale chips, or minced up and sautéed into any dish.  It can even be used for raw salads when it is massaged with a little oil.

Thanks everyone, as always it is a pleasure and a privilege to be your farmer and I hope you all enjoy the veggies!

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