Week #16 – 2013 CSA Season

Week #16What’s in the Box: Concord grapes, parsley, green storage cabbage, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, shallot, red torpedo onion, cherry tomato mix (orange,red,yellow,white, black), eggplant, cucumber, Hungarian hot wax pepper, and leeks.

What’s going on at the farm:  It was a fairly hot week and dry again so there was lot’s of watering going on this week with tender greens and roots germinating in the fields even moisture is very important in their early stages of growth.  We have had no rain for quite some time now and the weather has been all over the place as I’m sure you all know but we are getting through it well and hopefully there will be some stable temps and rain soon.  I thought cherry tomatoes hit their peak production a week or two ago but it seems they can ripen even faster and we have been picking so many of them nearly every day this week as the temps and humidity climb and the dry weather continues on.   Concord grapes are ripe and plentiful on the vines this season and they do have seeds but also a fantastic full grape flavor.  If you don’t use them fresh consider making a pint of homemade grape jam or jelly!? Also looking at the course of the season September is the last month of delivery for bi-weekly members as we finish up the tenth and last drop on week nineteen which will be October 1st(Tuesday), and 3rd(Thursday).  Full season members go 21 weeks until Thursday October 17th.  Basically the end of the season is rapidly approaching and it looks like we have the same amount of time to get the farm cleaned up of all mulch irrigation, twine, trellis clips, etc….  We started that process this week as well removing all the plastic mulch and irrigation from our onion field.   Fall is time to chisel plow and cover crop for us as well so cleaning up now will leave us well prepared for that and planting garlic in late October to early November.  Still planning on planting more roots and greens as well this week for fall, and early winter.  Enjoy!

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