Week #15 2019 CSA Season

What’s in the Box: 

Heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, yellow sweet onion, red onion, garlic, eggplant, assorted sweet peppers, sunflower shoots, leeks, aji rico or jalapeño hot peppers, curly kale.

What’s going on at the farm:

This weather has been perfect lately although very dry we are making many preparations for the hemp crop coming in sooner then I expected.  I built drying racks and bucking station and we are preparing space and tools and packaging and researching new methods we’ve never used before.  Those new things mixed with several people leaving for school this week and my own two children going back to school next week will leave the work stacking up and make for a very busy last quarter of the season here.  I think it should go pretty ok for fall with all the peppers we have coming in slowly and our stockpiles of onions, garlic, and plenty of healthy tomatoes vines and our micro greens operation rolling smoothly.

Our red onions are a storage red onion great for eating raw or cooked once they are cured and dry.   I do believe they are good with everything!  These store dry and will keep until spring at room temperature.

Sweet yellow onions are in the box again this week too, a great staple for any dish this is likely the last week for these sweet onions.  These store dry but won’t keep well after October.

Leeks are another mild onion coming to you this week, great in stir fries, or sautéed in butter with potatoes for some potato leek soup which can also be served cold!

Garlic is back again with flavor this week!  It’s great for you and will hold until spring with no refrigeration at room temp.

Aji Rico chilies are one of our hot peppers this week, these have a tear drop shape and red color and they are very fruity with a small amount of heat.  I would call these mild with great flavor and I really like them with tomatoes for fresh pico, or on tacos or nachos.  Some members may also receive jalapeños due to the fact that we don’t have a lot of peppers coming in with the cooler weather this summer.

Sweet peppers are coming in slow with the cooler temps but we will have an assortment of red, yellow, and maybe even some orange sweet peppers of different shapes and sizes in the mix.   In general these are larger then the hot peppers so it’s easy to tell them apart.v

Sunflower shoots and pea shoots are back again and they make great salads together and great compliment to your other meals too.

eggplant.  Just a few smaller fruits to go around now with these creamy and spongy summer fruits soak up anything you can spice or marinate them with.   I like them best fried in olive oil for sandwiches, pasta, or ratatouille.

Curly Kale.   Our favorite food with kale is garlic kale chips but the rich favor lends itself so well to being added minced and sautéed into any dish.

Tomatoes are still coming in pretty well too, a random blend will go in each box and although they are getting a bit smaller they do not lack in flavor!

Cherry tomatoes are still super healthy and delicious this year.   Last year this week they were done and we had none, ours are very healthy still but we are pulling them all out to make room for drying our hemp crop which will be coming in soon so this may be the last week for them for us this year.

Until next week then folks, have a great Labor Day weekend and enjoy the veg!

-Farmer Kyle

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