Week #12 – 2013 CSA Season

IMG_3913What’s in the Box: Cantaloupe, sun jewel melon, heirloom and slicing tomatoes, cherry tomato mix (orange, red, yellow, white, black), green cabbage,  garlic, summer squash, sweet yellow onion, eggplant, green and/or purple bell pepper, cucumber, serrano chile pepper, leeks, and flat Italian parsley.

What’s going on at the farm:  Melons are here!  Cantaloupe and sun jewel melon will be in shares this week.  Sun jewel melon is an Asiatic melon that hails from Korea.  It has a thin skin instead of a rind and white flesh.  They start green and turn yellow on the vine so yours is ripe if it is yellow.  In fact all the melons are very ripe and should be consumed sooner rather than later for better texture although they are all sweet and delicious.   The next couple weeks shares should reflect the abundant harvests happening here over the late mid-summer season.  For sure some of the best shares of the season yet and that we’ve ever produced.  That being said there is also a huge amount of pressure to get in fall crops while all this harvesting is going on and we are still behind on plowing, seeding, and such.  Our plan is to get in lettuce and other salad greens along with some fall roots.  we will be pulling our fall onions and shallots this week for curing but a lack of help on labor lately has been slowing our efforts down some as well.  If you know anyone interested in a workshare (working for a share) consider sending them our way.  Our annual farm potluck will be coming up the last weekend of August so watch out for a posting on the website and/or e-mail coming your way with details.  We will also have some notice here in the newsletter.   Enjoy the harvest everyone!

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