Week #12 – 2012 CSA Season

What’s in the Box: Cantaloupe, green filet beans, heirloom slicing tomato (variety), rainbow cherry tomatoes(orange,red,yellow,white, black), cabbage(red),  garlic, summer squash, sweet yellow onion, eggplant, sweet pepper, hot wax pepper, basil, and swiss chard.

What’s going on at the farm:  Green beans are finally here!  We have been picking them like crazy around here nearly every day and they are very time consuming but delicious!  Melons are in as well and this next couple weeks shares should reflect the abundant harvests happening here over the next few weeks.  I think the next two weeks will be some of the best shares of the year and that we’ve ever produced.  That being said there is also a huge amount of pressure to get in fall crops while all this harvesting is going on and we are still behind on plowing, seeding, and such.  Our plan is to get in lettuce and other salad greens along with some fall roots.  The rest of our onions will come out this weekend and the ones we pulled last week will be topped and stored now that they are sun cured with the tops dried down.  Our annual farm potluck will be coming up the last weekend of August so watch out for a posting on the website and/or e-mail coming your way with details.   Enjoy the harvest everyone!

2 Responses to "Week #12 – 2012 CSA Season"

  1. So beautiful! 23 pounds of deliciousness in a basic share!

  2. Karen Matteoni says:

    In the middle of a drought, Roots on Farm has done a wonderful job of keeping us eating healthy. Kyle keeps on expanding the varieties he grows at “our farm.”

    Yesterday I made one of my favorite salads with the wonderful produce for a pot luck. A friend told me that was the best dish! I just sliced up all colors of tomatoes, minced some of the tasty garlic, added some fresh basil, a little salt and pepper and drizzled on balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I topped it with crumbled feta cheese with sundried tomatoes. Yum!

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