Week #11 – 2012 CSA Season

What’s in the Box: Heirloom slicing tomato (variety), rainbow cherry tomatoes(orange,red,yellow,white, black), cabbage(Savoy and green), garlic, summer squash, long of tropea red onion, eggplant, sweet banana peppers(long light green), green chile pepper, and kale.

What’s going on at the farm:  More rain this week and cooler temps most days helps the crops to flourish.   Our green beans were dropping some flowers in the heat.    Many farmers have had issues with delayed or reduced yields on their beans because of this flower drop in the heat.  We will likely not have enough this week as a result but they are coming fast now and should def make the box next week.   Two crops that are loving the heat we had early this summer include watermelon and cantaloupe which will be coming soon.   Another mention on crop challenges this year includes cucumbers which have been an issue for good reason as well.  The reason for this is the warm winter was not cold enough to kill off cucumber and squash beetle eggs so more overwintered, we got them early and they were ferocious this year.  I have never seen so many and we tried our best to control them but not before they severely damaged the crop.  Other work going on this week included mowing down and pulling lots of weeds and cleaning up the small greenhouse from an early crop.  We got the squash moved out and benches set for onions and will be pulling out the rest of the summer onions for curing today!  They are looking amazing.  Unfortunately winter squash planting got put on the back burner again because of health reasons.  This is unfortunate as we are running out of time to get it planted and mature a crop for the end of season but still hoping to get it done this week.  Other crops coming in the next couple weeks include red cabbage, cured summer onions, and celery.

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