CSA Box – Week 1

We hope you enjoy your first CSA box of the 2011 Season.  Each week we will publish an electronic newsletter.  It will contain a list of what is expected to be harvested for the week. This is only an estimation because weather, harvest time and packing will dictate the final box.

The list of “What’s in the Box” has links to the Vegetable Identification Section of our website.  There you will find photos, information and care instructions for each vegetable. If anything changes from the published list we will note it.

Week of May 23rd, 2011

Basic CSA Share from Roots Down: Week 1



What’s in the Box: Salad mix, Broccoli Raab, Red Spinach, Arugula, Pac-Choi, Joi Choi, Kale (red russian), radish and oregano.

The above listing is a best guess and we reserve the right to change the items listed if we run into an unexpected issue during harvest and packaging work.

* This week some members received Lacinato Kale in replace of Red Kale.  Also the oregano did not make the box this week due to time.




Simple Greens Soup

Sesame Kale Salad

Creamy Choi Soup

Ginger And Garlic Pak Choi

Pasta With Broccoli Raab And Garlic Recipe

What’s Going on at the Farm:

We have just finished the planting of strawberries, sweet potatoes, summer leeks, tomatoes, peppers, summer squash, watermelon and much more as we work on planting all the summer and late summer crops.  Lately we have been potting on eggplant, melons, peppers and more as well in the greenhouse in preparation for putting them out after the early greens are harvested.  Also winter squash will be started this week in the greenhouse to be planted in a couple weeks.

2 Responses to "CSA Box – Week 1"

  1. Yay! I can’t wait for all the fresh greens. I look forward to cooking new dishes. My mouth is watering at the prospect!

  2. Hanne Sonderland says:

    Thank you for the first share of the summer! We had a delicious supper last night with scrambled fresh eggs and pac-choi, and a salad mix with arugula. So yummy!!! It was nice to visit the farm again; our daughter had so much fun playing with the black farm cat and running around the grounds. Looking forward to another great season!

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