Spring is here!

Greenhouse work is moving along as well, over 20,000 plants started and building daily. Outdoor seeding begins as soon as the ground is tillable.

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  1. rockin rob says:

    hi,i saw an article in the j’VILLE PAPER about yr site…do u use any ‘pestisides/chemicals in your crop dealings?have u ever thought of tilling in fall leaves from the neighborhood unstead of hauling them to thr landfill?…I’M HERE IN JANESVILLE AND HAVE BEEN TO UOR LANDFILL AND SEE A LOT OF PEOPLE DROPPING OFF BAGS AND BAGS OF LEAVES IN THE FALL,ALSO CAN I COME OUT TO UR GARDEN PLOT AND VIEW IT SOMETIME..AS I MIGHT SUBSCRIBE TO UR MONTHLY SELECTIONS…I TRY TO GO ORGANIC HERE IN MY RAISED BRD GSRDRN…TKS

    • Hi Rob,
      We are certified organic here and can use only organic certified products. I try to avoid using any type of spray but once in a while need to rely on a certified product such as BT to control insects before there is a major issue and total crop loss occurs. Insects can literally be quite pesky and it’s best not to let them develop in large numbers or they can become a permanent problem because of generational development. Some insects can multiply five generations in one season and will return the following season in most cases. Otherwise I do what I can to decrease the need for any type of spray by using drip irrigation, crop rotation, and row covers as preventative measures for control of disease and insects.
      I have thought about bringing in leaves from the city but have not established a drop for them yet. It would be nice if the city could bring large loads of leaves as it would take quite a bit to spread over a large area. If you would like to visit the farm before signing up that is possible please give me a call or e-mail and i’m sure we can work something out. In the meantime you can download our brochure right off the site here and take a look at our offerings. Thanks.

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