CSA Box — Week 17

Basic Share - Week 17

Basic Share Week 17

What’s in the Box:

This weeks best guess is Salad mix, radish, bell peppers (green and purple), garlic, red onion, carnival winter squash, eggplant, hungarian hot wax peppers, Spaghetti squash (bi-weekly only), celery, cayenne peppers, and basil.

Shares may also include sweet peppers and cherry tomatoes depending on volume this week.

What’s Going on at the Farm:

This week on the farm we spent most of our field time weeding salad mix and cleaning up the field.  This involves pulling up plastic mulch and drip line by hand.   All our winter squash is in now and it looks like we will have butternut squash and carnival winter squash for everyone.  These fruits will store for up to four months.  Our onions are also cured which should allow for storage of these crops through winter.  Simply keep them in a cool dark place. Your red cayenne peppers can also be stored in a cool dark place outside the refrigerator, they will dry and can be used that way as a dried spice. Salad greens are coming back into the mix again with salad mix coming this week and arugula coming soon as well.  This week we will continue cleaning up the fields so they can be tilled and cover cropped for fall.  Happy eating.

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