CSA Box – Week 9

Roots Down Basic Share - Week 9

Week of July 18, 2011

Roots Down Basic Share Week 9

What’s In The Box: Purple Viking Potatoes, Cucumber, Summer Squash and Zucchini, Kale (Red russian and/or Lacinato), Cabbage (green and/or savoy), Garlic, and Red and/or Yellow Onion with tops.

Recipe to Try: Thai Beef Salad this dinner salad will use your cucumbers, onions and garlic.  You can find lemon grass at the Willy Street Co-op along with many other grocery stores.

What’s Going on at the Farm:

This week on the farm promises to be another hot and dry week.  The humidity is fairly high yet we are not getting any nice rains.  This week we dug potatoes, and as always did lots of weeding.  The first tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant are coming in slowly but not enough yet for shareholders.  I think next week will hopefully be our first week for tomatoes.  Later this week we will be trimming garlic.  Pulling more weeds, trellising tomatoes for the final time and hopefully doing some seeding for some more fall crops.  Last week we also ended up including Basil in the shares.  Some folks got lime, some got cinnamon, and some had lemon.  It was a last second addition so hopefully most figured it out without an update on these items.

Some tips on your item’s this week.  The purple potatoes have a purple and red swirled skin with white flesh so if they look like they are two colors they are supposed to be!  The onions are small thinned onions with green tops.  You can use both the bulb and the tops of these for your cooking uses so use them like a green onion with small bulbs.


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