CSA Box – Week 20

There was a change to the box last week, we didn’t include radish which we are short on right now or oregano because it was to wet to harvest. Hot wax peppers were added as well.
Also another unfortunate thing I have to address.  I have allowed farm pick up members to take extra’s all season from the back shelf unit in the cooler.  It has become clear to me that several members are taking items which are not extra’s.  To clear any confusion up and as a result of this, there will be no more extra’s for any members with the exception of a work share.   We make just enough to get by farming and put an incredible amount of hard labor to produce this food and pack our shares generously over a long season.  Hopefully everyone can respect that, thank you.

Basic Share -- Week 20

What’s in the Box:

This weeks best guess is potatoes, leeks, sweet white turnips with greens, mustard greens, garlic, green peppers, hot peppers, salad mix, and eggplant.

** UPDATE ** 10/4 Potatoes are not ready yet but should be ready for the last two weeks.

What’s Going on at the Farm:

This week on the farm we purchased garlic for planting in a couple weeks and are busy shelling all 80 pounds of it. Although this can take a while, planting is an even bigger task.  We usually plant garlic in the last week of October.  Anyone interested in coming out to assist with the garlic planting is more than welcome to join our crew. Just shoot an e-mail my way if you would like to get your hands dirty with us before old man winter comes to visit.  Also garden clean up is coming along and will be ongoing yet for the next two weeks.  Rye and vetch were purchased this week as well so we can cover crop open areas for winter and next spring.

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