CSA Box – Week 2

We hope that everyone enjoyed the contents of the box last week.  Does anyone have any stellar recipes that they would like to share?  If so, you can submit it using our new online recipe submission form. Its quick and easy!

Basic Share: Week 2

Week of May 31, 2011

What’s In The Box: Spinach (green), salad mix, arugula, radish, pac-choi, joi-choi, and oregano.

The above listing is a best guess and we reserve the right to change the items listed if we run into an unexpected issue during harvest and packaging work.

What’s Going on at the Farm:

We have just finished the planting of strawberries, sweet potatoes, summer In farm news this week we put out eggplants, peppers, pulled weeds and hilled potatoes.  Hilling potatoes was a very heavy job I am glad to have out of the way.  It took 18 hours of heavy labor just to hill them up.  We still have a lot of crops to get out so more transplanting work is coming up for this week and we are hoping to get out cantaloupe, more peppers and eggplant, plant green beans and more.  Lets hope for some nice weather.

Salad Mix





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