CSA Box — Week 18

Week 18

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What’s in the Box:

This weeks best guess is radish, arugula, salad mix, green peppers, hot peppers (serrano), butternut squash, yellow onions, eggplant, swiss chard, and garlic.  Mustard greens, sweet peppers, basil and/or oregano may make the box as well.

What’s Going on at the Farm:

This week on the farm we are working hard at cleaning up the fields and preparing for the impending cool weather and frosts ahead.  We did not get any frost this last week as temperatures stayed just above freezing here and it looks like the weather will cooperate through the end of the month as far as frosts go.  These fall days are very refreshing after a long hot summer like the one we had and the crops generally reflect the change in temperature and day length as well in the form of crispy greens, roots, and storage crops like onion and winter squash.  Other work to be done this time of year includes cover cropping, mulching, and general field clean up. Soon it will be time to plant next years garlic.

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