CSA Box — Week 16

Basic Share - Week 16

Basic Share Week 16

What’s in the Box:

Garlic, red storage onions, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, mixed sweet peppers, mixed hot peppers, Romano/Italian pole beans, basil, celery and spaghetti squash.

What’s Going on at the Farm:

Hello Everyone, summer is coming to a close and some more comfortable temperatures are heading our way now. With the shift in temperatures and shorter day length growth rate slows for most plants although some of the crops coming for fall like cooler temperatures.  Salad mix will be ready for harvest next week and fall radishes, arugula, turnips and other greens like kale, chard and spinach enjoy these cool temperatures.  This week we got the onions topped, spinach planted and have started harvesting more winter squash along with all the other crops still coming in from summer.  Some notes on crops we missed or will not have this season will include sweet potatoes, watermelon, sweet corn, carrots and cauliflower.  We still have plenty of food on the way for the last six weeks of the year and just five crop failures is pretty good for a season full of this much variety and abundance. September  also marks the last month of the season for bi-weekly members which ends on week #19 or September 29th.

  Happy eating and have a great Labor Day weekend.

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