CSA Box – Week 7

Week of July 4, 2011
Roots Down Basic Share Week 6

Basic Share - Week 7

What’s In The Box: Garlic (polish soft neck), Swiss Chard, Golden Beets, Cabbage (green), Oregano, Kale (lacinato or red russian), Summer squash and Zucchini.

Here is a tasty recipe (warm beet and chard salad) that uses the garlic, swiss chard, and beets.  You can always try this as a cold salad too.

The above listing is a best guess and we reserve the right to change the items listed if we run into an unexpected issue during harvest and packaging work.

What’s Going on at the Farm:

I went out to dig potatoes on the fourth of july to find they are not quite ready.. cucumbers are also setting on the vine but not quite there yet, they will be in next weeks shares for sure and there is a slight possibility they will make it this week yet.  Our onions are bulbing out at the base slowly and will soon be ready for their first thinning. All the garlic will be harvested this month and the first variety has been pulled and will be in the shares this week.  The first cherry tomatoes were spotted changing color on the vine this week as well and we trellised and pruned tomatoes with a wonderful crew of five for 6 hours on Sunday this week. Peppers and eggplant are also setting in the field. Fall leeks were also planted this week and beans, pole beans and carrots were direct seeded in the field for fall as well.  We pruned runners off the new strawberry plants and pulled lots of weeds once again.

In weather related news we just can’t seem to catch a break on rainfall.  It is not so bad to be without rain for a little while but it has been three weeks now since we’ve had a decent rain here in Milton.   Irrigation is running constantly and in rotation in an attempt to keep up with this hot and dry weather but we sure could use a good rain soon, our potatoes and direct seeded crops sure would appreciate it as well.

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